40 ways to fundraise with Facebook
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40 ways to fundraise with Facebook

by Howard Lake, UK Fundraising
January 2012
20 A4 pages colour (one front cover page, plus one half page with services/contact details)
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How to fundraise with Facebook? 

Facebook is currently the leading social network site in many countries in terms of numbers of users and the time they spend on it. Trying to fundraise using it is not straightforward - in fact it is often hard - as many fundraisers have found. It requires patience and thought – like most other types of fundraising. Few charities report raising substantial funds directly though Facebook.

But Facebook can prove a useful and valuable tool to support most of your organisation’s fundraising activities both online and offline.

These 40 tips should help you make the most out of getting started with Facebook as a fundraising tool. They might also help you revive a flagging Facebook page. 

(Actually, you'll find we've given you 43 tips. There are just so many good ideas).


The tips are divided into four sections:

  • Facebook and your organisation's website

  • Getting started: fundraising actions

  • What and how to post to your page

  • Managing your Facebook fundraising


This guide is aimed at organisations who have just created a Facebook page or are keen to improve a page that is just not raising any income. It focuses entirely on fundraising, not on communications and the other functions of a Facebook page.

If you are looking for advanced ideas, like integrating the Open Graph, using the Facebook API, and creating your own Facebook apps, this is not the guide for you.


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