Fundraising by Phone
Fundraising by Phone
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Fundraising by Phone

by Adrian Salmon, Annual Fund Manager, University of Leeds (formerly Head of Client Services, The Phone Room Ltd.)
September 2009
25 pp A4 (2 contents pages, 1 end cover)

The aim of this short pamphlet is to give you an overview of the principles of telephone fundraising; to show you how flexible, powerful and versatile a communications tool it still is; and, for those of you who are using telephone fundraising, to make some suggestions about how you might ‘freshen up’ a telephone programme that you feel is becoming a little stale.

It isn’t a ‘how-to’ step by step guide to running a phone campaign; that would be a whole book in itself! But I hope to cover the essential principles behind running one, that you should be familiar with whether you run campaigns yourself or engage outside help.

Table of contents

A dedication and a disclaimer


What this pamphlet is – and isn’t!

So, why use the telephone at all?
- What about cost?

So, who should use the phone?

What do you need to use the phone?

Donation methods
- Think about response first!
- Paperless Direct Debit (PDD)
- Credit Card

‘Restricted’ vs ‘unrestricted’ gifts?

Permission based fundraising

Pre call communication
- The ‘pre-call or not’ debate
- Why, and when, you should consider pre-call communication

Ask Levels
- How much can you ask for?


Testing – why, and what?
- Testing for first-timers
- Testing with existing programmes

Budgeting and forecasting
- What are your key figures?

How to measure success

Post call communication
- Fulfilment
- Follow-up information
- Fulfilment and follow-up via email

Is your phone programme feeling tired?

Integration with new media

Agency or in-house?
- Pros And Cons
- Pros of an agency
- Cons of an agency
- Pros of In-house
- Cons of In-house

How to manage an agency
- Choosing
- Briefing the calling team
- Motivating and inspiring
- A warning
- Back to motivating and inspiring

Some agencies for you:
- Outsource model (you use their callers on their premises):
- Onsite model (will come to you):
- Direct Debit Bureaux (will help you with PDD)

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